About Us

About us

MAR-BOR company was founded in 1990. Our dynamic work and quick developing let us in 2001 to start specialized production of wooden house.

We guarantee high quality and satisfaction. We use newest, ecological and checked technology verified in country and abroad.

To produce our houses we use wood materials of highest quality. Thanks to proper wood impregnation, we fulfil all the safety criteria and preservation against bacteria's.

Against of clients high demands, we produce wooden houses according to standard projects or individual projects, so clients can make any adaptive changes.

Continuous evolution let us to produce, supply and build wide variety of wooden products.

We offer interesting wooden investment, especially:

- all season houses
- summer houses
- garages
- bowers
- grill gardens
- raised hunting hides
- porches
- shelters from natural wood

We also create: wooden beaming - heating, renovation of roof constructions, and also roof covering

Wide knowledge and experience of our staff provide professional service and help with selection of right products.

We are open for any questions, we're serve professional advice, and we offer optimal solutions, because we are always try to make every effort to complex serve our clients.